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Here’s our add-on to Episode 2 of Podcast Infinite. It’s a spoilercast for our favorite game of all time, The Last of Us. We discuss numerous plot points in detail. Our discussion starts with our thoughts and opinions on the game’s ending! We all read and answer a listener’s email pertaining to Ellie on the show! Give it a listen but please understand this is a SPOILERcast, so the whole episode spoils The Last of Us. Don’t listen if you haven’t beaten the game. Enjoy All-stars!



What’s up All-stars? Here’s Episode 2 of Podcast Infinite.┬áNooch has been playing just about every game imaginable in the past week. Ryan got into a car accident and felt like he was in an episode of Cops. Oh Chicago… And Kyle finished The Last of Us but is way too tired from working too much. We have Ryan play a little “There’s No Way” with this week’s news. We also explain where the name of our show came from! Come on by for a few smiles!

We record every Thursday and release the show by Friday afternoon! Thanks for listening to our podcast! We’ll be on iTunes soon.


Hey All-stars!

You’ve found the brand new website for Podcast Infinite! First and foremost, thanks for listening! You are why we record every single week. Share with your family and friends! If you’re new to Podcast Infinite, we are a weekly conversational podcast. We talk about everything video games by honing in on our passion; the Playstation brand. It’s not straight news from the industry. We keep it lively and entertaining by being conversational! We talk about whatever we want and get on some amazing tangents! Come on by and take a listen. You just might get hooked!

We will be doing A LOT of things on our page, including reviewing video games. We are looking for writers to help us write blog posts about everything video games. If you want first dibs, shoot us an email at

There’s much more to come, All-stars! PI!