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What’s up All-Stars? We’re in the midst of a massive flood of information,  spilling out of the Gamescom 2013 dam. Most of the new info is regarding Sony and it’s PS4. As many of you know, inFAMOUS is my favorite franchise in gaming, and a personal favorite of Podcast Infinite team. I’ll break down new details that I gleaned from the Gamescom trailer of inFAMOUS Second Son. Here we go!

A new voice actress – 


Is that…Laura Bailey, I mean Laura Willingham?

Delsin Rowe, the main character of inFAMOUS Second Son, is played by the illustrious, Troy Baker. Delsin meets a new character, who just so happens to be a conduit, in the Gamescom trailer. Her name is Abigail Walker (no, not related to Ryan), aka Fetch. Now, by listening to her voice and simply looking at her face, I can tell you with 99.999% certainty that she is played by Laura Bailey. Who is Laura Bailey, you ask? Well, she’s Lady Comstock in BioShock Infinite. But more importantly, she’s married to Travis Willingham. Troy Baker was Willingham’s best man in his wedding. And, Willingham plays Delsin’s (Baker) older brother in inFAMOUS Second Son, Reggie. So, even though Laura Bailey has not yet been confirmed as Fetch’s actress, you heard it here first. inFAMOUS Second Son is like one big star-studded family affair!


Go Fetch!

Delsin’s new power –

Delsin is a conduit, just like Cole MacGrath was in the first two inFAMOUS games. But unlike Cole, Delsin’s real ability isn’t locked to just one specific power. Delsin’s true conduit ability is to absorb the powers of any conduit he comes into contact with. As mentioned above, Fetch is a conduit herself. At first glimpse, it looks like her power is electricity just like Cole MacGrath. But, why is her energy pink in color? It’s because she’s a girl, right? Wrong! Delsin touches Fetch and absorbs her powers and it’s still a pink hue for him, as well. Hmmmm. Well, SuckerPunch has since confirmed that Fetch’s power involves neon. Yes, neon. You know, neon signs. However, there is no word as to how you actually use neon as a power. We do know that you can recharge your neon powers by absorbing neon out of those classic vibrant bar signs.

Delsin’s two confirmed powers are smoke and neon. He is able to recharge his smoke power by passing by exploded cars, buildings on fire, etc. He can also disintegrate and dodge enemy attacks, fly, pass through chain-link fences and air ducts, and suffocate enemies with his smoke abilities. I’m sure there will be much, much more things Delsin will be able to do with his smoke powers, and vastly different things with the other powers he gains…like neon.


Neon Delsin

inFAMOUS Second Son’s release date – 

It has been confirmed that inFAMOUS Second Son will be released in February 2014. The exact date is still unknown. With the PS4 launching in North America on November 15 of this year, February is a mere 3 months after launch. However, many of us agree that those will be the three longest months of our lives.

A return to comic book cut-scenes –

In the Gamescom trailer, we briefly see the infamous comic-book-style cut scenes that started in the original inFAMOUS. There was hardly any in inFAMOUS 2, and it’s that amazing art style that helps tell the overall story! Good news, it looks like they’re back in full force. Well done SuckerPunch!


Cut-scene from inFAMOUS 1

What does Second Son mean –

At this point, we only have two trailers and a brief gameplay demo to gather as much information on inFAMOUS Second Son as possible. But, let me start to decipher what “Second Son” might mean.

1. The main character, Delsin Rowe, has an older brother, Reggie. That makes him the second son in his family…literally.

2. The only other main character in an inFAMOUS game has been Cole MacGrath. This makes the brand-new Delsin, the second playable character in the inFAMOUS series.

3. In the first two inFAMOUS games, there was a group of people called “The First Sons.” These people were responsible for the development of the Ray Sphere (what gave Cole his electric powers). Without spoiling the games, The First Sons were quickly villainized in the story-line. So who are The Second Sons? Who knows at this point. Just know that The First Sons played a major role in the two previous inFAMOUS games.


Second Son!

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Sony GamesCom Wrap-Up

Posted: August 21, 2013 in News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4

At its Gamescom press conference today, Sony announced many new things for the PlayStation brand for all 3 consoles. First, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 will release on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe. The console will be released in 32 countries at launch. This comes shortly after Microsoft announced that Xbox One will only be released in 13 countries at launch.

At the conference, there was also other big news revealed for all 3 consoles. New footage from Gran Turismo 6 was revealed as well as its release date of December 6. There was also a Gran Turismo movie announced. LittleBigPlanet Hub was also revealed as a free-to-play LittleBigPlanet game coming this winter.

The Vita was also given much support. First, Borderlands 2 was annouced to be coming to Vita. There were also two new IP announced: Murasaki Baby, a sidescroller with a unique art style, and Big Fest, a SimCity-esque game based around music festivals. The Vita was also supported with many ports of indie games, including Fez, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and Rogue Legacy.

Finally, the PS4 was also given a lot of support from indie titles. First, Minecraft will be a launch title. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, from the creator of Dear Esther, was announced, as well as a Shadow of the Beast reboot were also announced. Also, Housemarque, creator of Super Stardust, announced its new game Resogun. Many other titles announced being ported to the PS4 included Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Volume, and Velocity 2X.

New trailers were also shown for InFamous: Second Son and DriveClub, as well as the first multiplayer footage from Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The Remote Play feature between PS4 and Vita was shown through a demo of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Watch_Dogs showed off an exclusive mission for PlayStation and was announced to have a movie in development.

Near the end of the show, Sony revealed that the PS4 will stream through Twitch. Also, Europeans will have Assassin’s Creed III free for PlayStation Plus in September. Finally, they announced that over 1 million PS4s have already been pre-ordered.

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The multiplayer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts was revealed earlier today along with a slew of new features new to the series. The reveal trailer was accompanied by the debut of Eminem’s new song, “Survival”, which will be featured throughout the game and its marketing.

First and foremost, Activision showed off the customization of soldiers in the game. The player can now customize their own character 10 times to create a squad. This customization includes helmets, armor, and, most importantly, gender.

Of course, class customization is also vital to the game’s multiplayer, and Ghosts has taken the Pick 10 system from Black Ops 2 and combined it with Modern Warfare 3’s class customization system. The class has a limited amount of points for the primary and secondary weapons, although attachments to weapons are now considered free. This is also separate from the perks system, which allows a certain number of points solely allocated to selecting perks.

There are finally female characters in multiplayer

There are finally female characters in multiplayer

The game also comes with 7 new multiplayer modes, although only 2 of them were shown today. Cranked is a modified version of Team Deathmatch, having every kill make a player faster. However, the player must then get a kill within 30 seconds or else explode. Search and Rescue combines Search and Destroy and Kill Confirmed. It gives the player one life, but they drop dog tags when they die. Teammates can pick up these dog tags to give the player another life, or they can be collected by the enemy to eliminate that player for good.

Squad vs. Squad has the player matched up 1v1 with the customized squad as teammates. This also reveals the new AI system for Call of Duty: Ghosts, that has the AI acting as much like humans ever seen in the franchise. Wargame is a solo mode that has the player pick 5 squadmates to go into battle with against an AI-controlled team, playable in any game mode. Safeguard is reminiscent of Survival from Modern Warfare 3, as you are fighting waves of enemies with 3 other players. Finally, Squad Assault has the player with up to 5 friends or 5 squadmates face off against a squad from someone else around the world.

Along with the new Squads mode, there is also a new “Clan Wars” mode. This has clans from around the world face off in a two-week “war” that has the clans battling for areas around a territory. These areas are each controlled by a different game mode, which are fought for in a series of battles. The clan gains points for each win, and the team with the most points at the end of the two weeks wins the war.

Also announced at the reveal event was the inclusion of mobile integration. This lets the player check their stats anywhere, see the results of a clan war, or change a class on the go.

The audio in the game is improved from previous games in the franchise, having characters shout out locations of enemies and changing sounds depending on location.

Ghosts also introduces dynamic maps with changing environments and choke points. Three of Ghosts’ fourteen multiplayer maps were shown at the event. Octane has teams spawn on either side of a road which has crashed cars along the way and buildings lining the road. Strike Zone takes place in a war-torn baseball stadium. It is a small map with frenetic firefights indoors and some larger exterior areas. Finally, Whiteout is set in a snowy harbor town. It has verticality and smaller choke points with frenetic firefights as well.

A screenshot from the map Octane.

A screenshot from the map Octane

Finally, the game introduces some new gameplay mechanics as well. Knee sliding has the player slide into a crouch, avoiding headshots and going into cover. Leaning out of cover has the player peek around a corner without moving, and being able to kill without going into the open. The game also introduces a new weapon class, called Marksman, that bridges the gap between Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to release on November 5 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U.

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Sony Santa Monica has been completely silent since inheriting Super Bot Entertainment’s, Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. Well, up until today, that is. Santa Monica wrote a “Support Update” on their community forums that you can read in full length here. But, they didn’t have good news.

I’ll summarize for you:

1. No more DLC characters or stages – “There will not be any new DLC characters or environments released for PS All Stars. We were proud to work with SuperBot Entertainment and they created a great game, but the characters that have already been released to-date represent the full content for PS All Stars.”

2. Pre-order costumes for Dante, Raiden, Heihachi, and Big Daddy will be released on PSN for free on August 27.

3. Both Zeus and Isaac are still owed their third costumes. Those will be released on PSN, for free “later this fall.”

4. A possible patch is coming “later this fall.” – “This is still in the early stages of research and development. Even if everything goes smoothly with the development and implementation, the patch will not be finished until later this fall. In particular, we’re assessing all character strengths, weaknesses, and functionality for adjustment considerations in this patch. We have been monitoring your feedback in the forums, and will continue to follow your thoughts throughout the process.”

This is  such a shame, as PS Allstars is such a great game. But, this is a perfect example of what happens when games don’t sell. Speak with your wallet and support things you like and care about. We can only hope and dream that a sequel comes to the PS4, somewhere down the road. Until then, you can find me tearing it up with Good Cole until the servers are shut down. Long live All-stars!