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Stepping Away From the Group

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Effective immediately. I’m posting this here since if anyone sees it it’s likely the two people who would see it anyway. But if no one sees it whatever. I’m not even sure Podcast Infinite is still a thing. I would have liked it to be before making this decision but alas it’s not so whatever. Acknowledging that likely no one gives a crap about it or seemingly gave a crap about me considering the two other people that posted on this website have started a new podcast. I’m just going to come out here publicly in the best and only way I know of to get ahold of these people anymore and say that i’m done.

No hard feelings but i’m not dealing with this drama. First all this stuff with nooch that I kind of had to sit between and then I find out that you guys start a new podcast without even just letting me know hey we are starting a new podcast. We don’t want you apart of it but yea it’s there. It really shows how good of a friend you can be when you do something like that. But like I said no hard feelings. I’m just done with it. You don’t want to be my friend that’s cool i’ll treat you people the same way I treat others on PSN. And considering the lack of response I’ve gotten the last few weeks it’s about time for that to come due.

So i’m out. Best of luck to both Kyle and Nooch in their future podcast. It’s probably the last you’ll hear of me in this sort of setting again. Group things just don’t work well for me. Peace